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Re: Charges only pertain to AERC members


Barbara McCrary
West region director
Chair, Rules Committee

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Sent: Thursday, August 02, 2001 9:57 AM
Subject: RC: Charges only pertain to AERC members

> > Ok This is probably a really stupid question but if somebody rides >
> theirhorse to death wouldn't that be an animal abuse charge? Aerc >
> wouldn't even> have to come into it the actual court system would handle
> it?
> Folks...would everybody just stop and think about this for a minute? 
> I've been competing for 14 years and I've seen one horse die and that one
> shouldn't have (the vets left the grounds after one bag of fluids and the
> horse went down like 12 hours later).  In comparison, I've seen one horse
> die on a regular cowboy trail ride, another while being lounged in an
> arena...and three in one evening of racing at Pompano Park Race Track.
> All the good thoughts in the world aren't going to bring that mare back,
> but jumping to change rules could sure cause some problems.  Do you
> honestly want a court of law...which knows nothing about endurance or the
> stresses involved, and LAWYERS, trying to regulate what goes on in our
> sport? Want to make it less personable, try making everyone worry about
> covering their own liability if they let a particular horse go on.
> "Excuse me Dr. XXX DVM, you obviously allowed this horse to continue on,
> even though his CRI went up one share the blame for this
> attrocity".  Now *that*'ll make it easy to get vets.
> Linda, we've got a good system.  We're using it.  This could have been
> brought up in Endurance News and discussed in the old days (yes, there
> *was* life before the internet) and the problems would be
> addressed...slowly and thoughtfully, not coming up like a sudden
> thundershower on Ridecamp, then fading away as fast as it came.  It's not
> a fool proof system, because we have fools in our sport occasionally, but
> we do have the right to deny the guilty parties entry in rides.  
> I'm sorry someone who heard of an injustice didn't get instant results
> from the system...but justice takes time.  So what if you didn't see the
> 19 year old's mentor hanging by their thumbs? That doesn't mean that
> other endurance riders, managers, and board members didn't take note of
> the event and won't take it into account when planning their next
> competition.  Believe it or not, you're not the only person out there who
> cares about our horses.  Just because we don't think Ridecamp is the
> proper format for this discussion does not mean we are "sweeping it under
> the rug".  
> Angie
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