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Re: RC: Re: Horse trailer roadside insurance

When I checked into this I found that most of these policies would not cover
anything larger than a 3/4 ton pick up and most would not cover horse
trailers. AAA, Allstate, etc., is fine for cars, SUV's etc., driving around
town or on trips, but didn't suffice for long distance travel with a horse
trailer or large RV for that matter.

We ended up with Good Sams.


sharp penny wrote:

>   I'm soooo confused all these AAAAAAA's and all have
> different meanings!!! In Texas, the Auto Assoc of
> America (AAA) does not have road side assistance for
> horse trailers. They do for the vehicle pulling the
> trailer, but they will not tow the trailer(loaded or
> not). Evidently the triple A club in Ca does.
>   The best thing to do is check with your state
> affiliate and as always make sure it is stated in your
> policy. I have personally had experience with AAA and
> they will not tow a horse trailer. Nice thing to find
> out at 3am in the middle of nowhere with a trailer
> full of horses and a sleeping child in the truck!
>   I would call Allstate 1-800-214-5132 to get specific
> answers to any questions you might have. It will take
> a few minutes but they will get a person well versed
> in their road side policies that cover horse trailers
> to talk to you. Many allstate agents are pretty
> clueless when it comes to covering horse trailers and
> road side assistance so it's best to go directly to
> Allstate. My policy does state they will tow both my
> hauling vehicle and my horse trailer (loaded or
> empty). Some of the local towing companies may need to
> see your policy to verify this and may also ask you to
> sign a waiver before they will tow a loaded trailer.
> The one that came to rescue my friend didn't.
> Penny & Daisy
> --- wrote:
> > In a message dated 8/1/2001 6:52:43 PM Pacific
> > Daylight Time,
> > writes:
> >
> >
> > > Triple A (AAA) does not have a program
> > > for horse trailer road side assistance
> >
> > This is not correct for AAA that is California State
> > Automobile Association.
> > I have worked for their law department for 5 years,
> > have AAA insurance and
> > have AAA road service plus.  They towed me, my truck
> > and camper and my horse
> > trailer with the mule in it with two separate tow
> > trucks for a one way trip
> > of about 85 miles for each truck.  Check out their
> > web and see for yourself.
> >
> > maryben
> >
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