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Re: RC: L-tryptophane ?

Drin Becker <> said:

>Has anyone out there used L-tryptophane on a gelding ? This guy the vet said
>is still producing testosterone even after being gelded at a very young
>ge( 3 months)...The gelding is now a 7 year old and very very stud like
>behavior . Thanks  guys

Hi, Drin;

Was this horse gelded while you owned him?  If not, then two possibilities
come to mind:

1) Whether deliberately or accidentally, the horse received a "proud cut"
   that left enough gonad tissue to continue to produce testosterone.

2) The horse was/is a cryptorchid, where one or both of the testicles
   were not "findable" when the vet did the gelding, and one (or both)
   remains up in the body.  A very famous Morgan World Champion In-Hand
   Gelding that was used as a junior exhibitor Park Horse and a highly
   successful equitation horse was actually a cryptorchid with one testicle
   for most of his early career.  He eventually had exploratory surgery
   where the vet finally found and removed the wayward testicle.

Neither of which answers your question about L-tryptophane.  But this
might be a more permanent solution.

Linda B. Merims
Massachusetts, USA

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