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Elvis at the XP????

Carla Lawson
First off I didn't go to the XP so I don't know what happened so I will
give you my take..
Elvis and Jesus were there...they were riding arab/mustang crosses. Word
has it that Elvis cheated and only did the first 20 and last 10 miles of
the ride. Course Jesus did the entire thing..there is some word going
around that Jimmy Hoffa was present at the awards ceremony.
Anyone know if Pamela Anderson Lees horse finished? heard her boobs made
it in before the horse did? Also there was evidence that Whoopi Goldberg
was there cause several people came in holding their stomach from cramps.
How did Raffles do? I had heard they cloned him from some leftover DNA?
Really I wasn't there but hey I thought I MIGHT start some rumors since
the nuts are coming out of the woodwork and not signing names....
Carla (Why do I always miss the good rides??????)
Ansata (we aint doing a damn thing till you have some of this basic riding
stuff down!)
Haley ( I heard that Khemosabe didn't die he was just sold to some German
Horse Trailer company they are tapping into his mind to get ideas for
safer horse hauling)
Rob (I am staying out of this one!)

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