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Re: running on adrenaline

> What it's told me is that even an experience
> rider could be fooled by a horse running on adrenaline if there aren't
> any vet checks.  That's what I'd like to see questioned.

At a recent NATRC ride I was at, the vet had the riders do a CRI right when
they came in to camp at the end of day, and then an hour later after the
horses had been standing and eating, they did a P/R check.  The CRI showed
the tired horses coming in, but the P/R an hour later really showed which
horses were still stressed after resting - some of the P/R counts were quite
a bit higher than the CRI count.  Is this type of system used for any
mid-day vet checks at endurance rides?  Are there problems with this type of
system (other than it's time consuming) & would it be a way to help sort out
the horses running on adrenaline?  Mine may end up being one of these and
I'm interested in additional strategies to take care of her.

Thanks -
AERC & NATRC member
NATRC rider & worker

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