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RE: Re: XP Ride - I am disgusted

Title: RE: Re: XP Ride - I am disgusted

I can’t take it anymore.  An attack on Maryben is very unwarranted.

  1. We don’t have all the facts on Ridecamp so how can we “judge” anything.
  2. DVM = Doctor of Vetirinary Medicine which is after the name.
  3. I post and don’t’ feel too intimidated by someone’s mileage most of the time.

Okay, yes, I know Maryben.  She’s there at practically every single ride that I crew, volunteer or ride at.
I am not lucky enough to be a close friend of hers, but I know from seeing her at these rides that she has a heart of gold,

willing to help people, is sympathetic, and has an incredible memory bank of horses, people, faces, incidences,
and AERC rules.  I have seen her work HARD for the sport of endurance – she is ride secretary, junior sponsor,
and supercrew.  I’ve seen her lug half a dozen people’s crew stuff for hundred milers with a bad knee.  In a lot
of ways she’s the heart of what endurance riding is all about.  Her recorded miles only are a fraction of her
knowledge base and efforts.  She’s seen a lot at these rides and knows that **** happens to the best of riders and that
is why she is not geared to prosecute a rider on Ridecamp.  It’s not being buried, it’s just being handled
APPROPRIATELY with the proper facts that are available to the Board.

She has suffered a loss of her horse herself recently and is hurting from it.  I just ask that you give
her the respect that she deserves.  Just because it’s not public doesn’t mean it’s not being handled.

Kathy Mayeda
250 AERC miles J

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