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RE: Saddle sore - still :o(

Title: RE: Saddle sore - still :o(

I chose not to go custom because of the same issues.  I have a ReactorPanel
saddle and I totally love it!  It is comfortable for both me and my horse, and if
he starts complaining (like he did a couple of weeks ago) I just adjust it myself.
The bad side is that it is not a cheap saddle, but you will pay about the same
amount for an SR Enduro or a Synergist anyway.

After owning six different saddles over a course of two years, this was one was
a “keeper”.

BTW, I just ordered the Abetta endurance model to ride Drako, my 4 y.o. in.
10 years is a long time for a saddle in that price range, so that’s a good sign!
I’m about ready to shoot my 8 y.o. Collegiate Graduate – it didn’t hold up
for the mileage I put on it.

Seems like you have to work on some body balance issues, too.  I definitely
have to keep at it myself to not to make my already crooked Beau more crooked!


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