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Aussie and English style saddles for endurance

wendy Lumbert
Seems there is a real need for Aussie/English saddles if you
could solve the problems inherent to both. I am currently test
riding a saddle that may be the answer. It is a hand-made
saddle from New Zealand that is used by shepherders in the mountains to
bring in the sheep. They wanted the close contact
of an English saddle but needed a deeper seat for security. The
Aussie saddles were too restrictive. So this saddle was created and has
been used there with great success for over 8 years.
   When I ride it enough miles to feel totally sure that it is
a great saddle for endurance then we will offer it for sale
at Cool Down Under. In 2-3 weeks we will have a space in
Steph's vendor boxes as Cool Down Under and you can see it there if we are
going to stock it. (we'll have over 300 miles on
the saddle by then)  In the meantime feel free to email me
privately with questions.

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