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Re: Bone???

>I am not certain that THAT should be the first utterance from someone
>looking at a horse, nor the FIRST consideration.  "A" consideration, but not
>"THE" consideration.
  > Some say, measured from approx. 3 inches from the base of the knee is the
>area that typcially describes whether an endurance horse has "good bone."
  > But, what about the "quality" of the bone and tendons/ligaments.  That
>should be, in my estimation, an even more important consideration.
  >  Bearing weight efficiently, without a degradation to the horse and its
I think I can pretty accurately claim first place in having tried pretty hard to come up wth some sort of "rule" when it comes to cannon bone circumference, etc etc etc in a successful endurance horse.  I have data from close to a thousand distance horses now and the only "rule" is that you can't make hard and fast rules about legs. 
I *can* tell you that the average horse that starts Tevis has an average cannon midway between knee and fetlock of 7.5", but there was no difference in that measurement between horses that finished and those that were pulled for lameness.  Other factors than strictly cannon circumference seemed to be better lameness predictors than that, such as total body mass.
Anyway, the bottom line of alot of research was that, as others have already said very well, you have to look at cannon circumference along wth the rest of the horse.  A 17 hand horse with a 7" cannon probably wouldn't be my first choice, but then a 14 hand horse with 8" cannons isn't a guaranteed winner, either.  Look at the whole horse.  And good luck.
Susan G

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