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Soap Box Derby Driver (Long)

To those that may suggest on this cold rainy day in July i am a Poet of Doom or a headbanging nut let me give you "Soap Box Derby Driver" last read to the students of American University.  tom sites                                                   "SoapBox Derby Driver:    Sitting in my Soap Box  awaiting the start  thinking i had plenty to say      no one knew my part.  The starters gun went off and i slowly slid down the ramp   picking up speed hoping no one would pass me.  The crowd was cheering as i hit 8 m.p.h.  Down that long hill i soon hit 13m.p.h. The crowd went wild when my competitor pulled out in front of me.   18mph      20   mph   22   mph    the finish line came up and the Blue Box outran my Red Fox  and the crowd went nuts  and i never got a chance to stand atop  my Soap Box.  Nobody ever wants to hear from the one that lost.  Not having any brakes and still picking up speed pretty soon i was up to 33 mph.    45    mph   They all knew then this wasn't part of the plan      people scrambling     traffic a mess       i manuver arround all of them  and showed them my best      that i was up to this test......50   mph        The breeze blowing   wind shrilling     Disbelief    Anger    Hoots and Hollers   people giving me high fives as i hit     55   mph     By then thru the city   outrunning everything in my path    i continued on to the interstate where i could totally unwind and blow their minds.  those pistons     those massive pistons  on my soap box were getting unwound    the sound   of the wind as it blew all arround me    65mph  thinking  i should stop...  not having any brakes i go faster   and faster      75  mph   i flip on my radio   i'm gonna see just how fast this baby will go.  It was Leonard Cohen talking about War and Revolution and he says..."Everybody knows the good guys lost  and everybody knows the good guys lost"    80  mph  knowing  i'm going too fast  seeing in my rear view mirrow...the police  with sirens blaring.  Wind blows the hair on my arms like blowing wheat in a Nebraska field.  sweat drops from my armpits in drops.   85      mph   in the rear view mirror i see  swirling lights   of red and blue     sirens   blaring    shrilling   sounds   i never heard before.   knowing i should probably stop  but the Red Fox  has no brakes.   ROAD BLOCK  helicopters flying over head    what am i doing???     110  mph   wind blowing  all over me i throw away my helmet   what do i need that for??  what am i doin?????  150  mph  and my turbo kicks in  to a deafening roar as i start to leave the valley floor    ejecting my door   what do i need that for??     i eject the top and wind blows all over me.  the parts scatter into a million kazillion pieces    what am i doing??????   240 mph    240 to 400  in 1 second flat   take that   ejecting the tires   out comes the wings to this thing   sailing over that barrier like an aircraft carrier  flying over the carnage   i hear wind i never heard before  gliding along at 750mph   just then a Stealth snuck up on me and i drop my wings  and the rocket thruster  pushes me up to 2750  in 1 second flat.   i dip my thrusters and say take that.    Hearing sound i never heard  i take a deep breath    life is grand   life is so grand   Because today the good guys won  and i want everybody to know today the good guys won...  But,  just like in life.... when i think i can rest   they throw out another test.    SENSORS indicate.... a lazer blast to my Soap Box Derby Racer...the speed of light this this thing can travel...  O Boy what am i doing???   3500 mph   No time to think  Putting up repllant shields  and in a 1 button manuver    i STALL   to unfurl the winds to my kite  and ride the Solar Wind at 1,000,000 mph.  Pretty soon i'm sailing along at one million mph.  Vast darkness all arround me.  Hopefully thats all they got for me today.    and i can sail alone in peace,,,thruout space  and say    Life is Grand.   Life is great  and today   the Good Guys Won.  At least Today  the good  guys won.  "To Finish Is to WIN"  bye 4 now  ts

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