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IntNewsGroup: International Goodwill- Lease horses welcome

Greetings Pan American Endurance Championship Fans!

Planning for the big day is moving right along.  The OC has received Entries
in Principle thus far from all the US zones, Canada East and West,
Argentina, Chile
(tentative), Brazil, Romania, Mexico, Denmark, Great Britain, Australia.

FEI Championship events celebrate international goodwill among horseman as
much as determine championship teams and riders. The diverse number of
countries sending entries in principle is a great illustration of this. Not
all foreign riders can ship their own horses so lease horses are needed and
welcome.  If you have a good sturdy 100 mile horse and the desire to promote
international goodwill and friendships, please contact Donna Curtain
directly.  She will post on the Leasing of Horses section of the PAC 2001
website.  It will be updated weekly. Her contact information is:

Thank you

Lori Stewart
AERC I Secretary

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