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Re: Myler Bits

Hi All;

I just wanted to say thanks for the show of support.  I got several
very nice emails telling me how much they enjoyed my response
("your reply to the Myler "tutorial" gave me my first good laugh
today," "FWIW, *I* got a kick out of your reply. Didn't find it rude.")
You took the response in the humorous tone in which it was intended.
The only downside is that one person emailed me privately to
discuss their poor experience with Mylers, "because I saw what
happened to you."  How very sad that is, that she feels
she can't even disagree over a subject as benign as a bit.

Yes, the response to my initial reply was fairly patronizing.
Hence, my "response to the response to the response."  Alas, it
appears that the aggrieved party is as unclueful as ever.

Once again, thanks.  And as somebody--I forget who--once said,
"Bits don't train horses, people do."

And I agree.  Ridecamp *is* the greatest!


Linda B. Merims
Massachusetts, USA

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