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I need to read ALL the posts before replying.... I too had a wonderful
experience with wasps.  My horse was just starting to load without the butt
rope or lunging.  We hopped into the trailer on our first practice run, when
all of a sudden he lunged at me.  I thought he had gone nuts & was going to
squish or stomp me.  He was just going crazy in the trailer.  All of a
sudden a felt a sharp painful stinging in the area of my left uhm... chestal
area.  All of the sudden the yellow jackets were everywhere.  There were all
over my horse's legs.  I screamed back, back, and we flew out of the
trailer.  We both ran down to the edge of the property & looked back at the
trailer.  The men working on the house being built next door thought we were
crazy.  I thought I'd never get Taz in trailer again.  Needless to say, I
check my trailer for wasp's nests all the time!

Kathy & Taz
We both survived, but we had scars for about 2 months!

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