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antibiotics for Lyme

Hi all,
my horse has been treated 3 [4?] times for Lyme.  We are in the 
heart of the endemic area, in the Hudson Valley of New York.  All 
the vets that I know of around here use doxycillian, and it is usually
administered orally.  In my experience, they often try a 2 week course,
which is insufficient to lower titer levels.  We finally reduced the titer
to <100 by using doxycillan for 28 days.  Unfortunately, she developed
some form of food-borne illness shortly after, most likely Salmonella. 
She ended up in the veterinary clinic for 10 days, and it was touch and go
for a while.  Massive weight loss and slow progression back to normal feed
regimen.  I have read that it is not uncommom to develop this type of
infection post antibiotic treatment for Lyme, even with probiotic use.  I
routinely pull blood to check titers every few months, and will treat if
her titer begins to rise again.  When she is actively infected she appears
more lethargic, irritable, and "stiff".  I don't want to wait to see
arthritic changes or cardiac abnormalities before treating the infection.
Beth Glace New Paltz, NY

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