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Re: RC: Re: Re: Re: barefoot oops!

"I HAVE seen more horses than I can count that was PERMANETLY healed by pulling the shoes, giving them a proper trim, and better living conditions. How does this possibly turn into a negative thing?"
I reread my post since I was in such a hurry this morning. I should have not said the horses I have seen were PERMANATELY healed . . .this is too strong a word. Only time will tell if this statement is true. Rather these horses have greatly improved. I know you have to be very careful what you say on Ride Camp as the "flaming police" will torch your tail.
On a more neutral note . . . there are so many trimming/shoeing methods out there. If you ask 30 different vets or farriers you are likely to get 30 different opinions. The truth is we can debate a trimming/shoeing method all day long till we are blue in the face, but it does not necessarily mean it is 100% correct for ALL horses. I am a believer that not all horses are the same or created equal, therefore I like to keep an open mind while I'm learning. It's a great learning experience to hear everyone's input by "kindly educating".
The truth is barefoot endurance horses are not going to be widely excepted until someone consistantly finishes or wins 100's, or Tevis, or is a high mileage horse. Then perhaps people will take more notice with interest. Until then . . . only time and miles will tell.

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