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Re: loading

Terry, I had to also develop methods for loading when alone and it tends to get you thinking laterally.

I'm not sure what the set-up is for your trailer as we don't have them in our country, so I'm going to assume a few things here.  Because he already knows what the raised lunge lines are for and he swings to the one side all the time, tie the one lunge line on the side where he swings his butt to - if he swings to the right, tie it on the right and stand slightly to the left behind him which will angle the line slightly.  Then ask him to load and raise the line enough for him to see it and if he swings his butt, he'll touch the line and correct himself.  Also, try using a longer lead so that you can hold the lead in the one hand and the lunge line in the other, thereby forming a chute that he'll go into.

Hope this helps

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