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Re: loading & keeping straight


I appreciate your wisdon & training ability, but the
hucksters have you, hook line & sinker.

"John Lyons" and many others have repackaged what is
already out there in training lore & books that far
predate them...  My college text in equine training &
psychology was circa 1938 & had all the good stuff
without selling videos and special training cones,

Ropes, lines, etc can be as much a temporary tool as
any other technique, including body positioning &
urging the horse thru invasion of their space.  My
original post on the topic mentioned that it was a
temp fix & that the horse quickly learned to self
load.  There are times when it pays to know what tools
are available to you when the horse doesn't have the
training background but <does> have an immediate need
to behave how you see fit.  Not ideal, but it is real

Sorry, John didn't corner the market on training, just
the packaging & the rubes.  <GRIN>

--- Jim Holland <> wrote:
> ALL these problems, including the lounge lines, butt
> ropes, lining up
> with the trailer, don't want to load, can't load,
> won't load, big
> trailers, little trailers, straight loads, slant
> loads, etc. and
> WHATEVER just go away if you use John Lyons'
> techniques.  

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