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Lyme disease responce

O. K. Get this:

I have stopped responding to RC because I do not think any body cares.

However; I will try again.

I was for years the local expert on Lymes disease,.  I even gave papers in 
Canada and Austria on  the local Lymes disease cases and on my horses who at 
that time were all positive when tested  for Lymes disease

I live in one of the earlier areas having cases  of Lymes disease, my horses 
were pastured in an area where our neighbors were the first cases identified 
for Lymes.

Their bloods were tested by the University of Wisconsin Veterinary unit and 
found positive for Lime's disease.

 These same horses went on to do 6,000 , 4, 000 , 3,000 ,    competitive 
endurance miles and several did over 2000 competitive endurance mile 
successfully.  None of these mares had any arthritic symptoms.

So my message is do not panic, do not terminate these horses.

Love them care for them and ride them.

Joan Ruprecht   West with 13 ,000 miles  
produced foals who have also gone several thousand miles of endurance 

I do not feel from my horse's history that having a positive titer  to Lyme"s 
disease should be taken as sudden death for your horses endurance success.  

Yes.  pay attention to the possible problems but don't feel that disaster is 
at your doorstep.  


Joan Ruprecht  

Humboldt County California  the Center of Marajauna and Lymes disease in 
Northern Calif.

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