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Re: RC: Thumps at the Track

    I'm not sure but the previous calcium levels can play a big part in a
horse with the Thumps.  A thumping horse might have had too much ready day to
day calcium (alfalfa hays).  Since this is so, the horse does not store the
calcium in the proper way.   Since he/she didn't store calcium they become
calcium deficient while under stress or exercised.  I'm not sure this is
exactly how this goes, but I hope to be sort of close in explaining.  I'm
sure the RideCamp correctors will be at hand for this.  As for when they IV a
horse, yes it will have some electrolytes, but usually will also have calcium
with the fluids for Thumps.
    I also agree, The Horse Mag, does seem a little bit on the lower levels
of education.  But at least some horse owners will recognize the terms, The
Thumps, Heat Bumps, Scratches, etc... It's a start.

Tammy Robinson
Trail-Rite Ranch & Products
661/513-9169 or 661/713-3912

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