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Thumps and thuds

I have to make mention of two things you pointed out. Alfalfa and thumps? Maybe, but I have fed strait (and high level protein at that) alfalfa for years, to all 6 of my horses, competing and non-competing and have never had a problem. Earlier articles written in this same magazine suggested that maybe the cause was a calcium deficiency or imbalance which has something to do with the ions which carry the electrical charges through and to the heart. Or something like that. So, while alfalfa hay can be high in calcium, it may be that it is not balanced 2:1 with the phosphorous. (maybe too much bran?) Calcium is also part of our electrolyte recipes. So I am inclined to follow that theory.  I personally do not allow my horses to eat grass with or with out a bit. It has nothing to do with manners. I know of someone who did and the horse stepped on the reins.When the horse panicked because it couldn't lift it's head, it jerked, reared, fell backwards and broke it's jaw. The rider didn't fair so well either.It was an accident. Enough seen, 'nough said. 
Write to Les Sellnow Angie, and tell him to do a better job at research.  Inquiring minds need to know! Lisa Salas, The Odd fARM

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