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Re: RC: RE: Re: loading & keeping straight

Well, I dunno about John Lyons techniques, or this method or that method.  None of these guys have invented anything new, other than how to package and market stuff about how to read horses.  All I know is I don't tend to have very many loading problems, and I haul a lot of strange horses, spoiled horses, green horses, etc.  I've been known to use a butt rope on occasion, when it seemed like the right thing to do.  I've been known to use the tap-tap-tap bit with a dressage whip on occasion, when it seemed like the right thing to do.  No magic formulas, but the last time I had a fight with a horse over a trailer was close to two decades ago, when I had more hurry and less experience, and I've noticed that as I got to reading horses better, the few I've had to butt rope or tap-tap-tap have all gotten in better the next time, so something must have clicked in their little brains.  

I think the main mistake folks make is being in a hurry.  I mostly work with Arabs, and they are mostly curious critters, and given the time to check the darn trailer out, they will usually get in if they are not being particularly pressured about it.  I've found that not being in a hurry has saved me hours and hours and hours!  That, and trying to think like the horse--such things as when you're hauling two or more, put the calmest or most experienced in first.  Make the trailer look like an appealing place to go instead of a black hole.  Etc.


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