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Re: RC: Trailer Loading

"Truman Prevatt, PhD" wrote:
Truman, the breeder who does this is preventing a lot of potential
trauma for a horse.  Unfortunate that more people don't take the time to
do this. It just becomes a natural as walking in a

Someone once told me that hauling a horse on a trailer is like putting
them in a dark closet, closing the door, and driving off with the
closet...scary. Never could figure out why some trailers are not painted
white inside....just makes sense.

Jim and Sun of Dimanche

> So I think the key here is to get them young, take your time, let them
> learn that it's not all that bad - in fact can be fun.  Once they have
> had a bad experience then this is when it becomes an issue.
> And the trailer does matter. One that lets in a lot of light and they
> can see through seems to work better than one they can't see through.
> Slant loads with drop down doors seem to work well since when the doors
> are down, they can see through the trailer to the outside and they are
> moving toward the light rather than into a dark room.
> Truman
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