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that rearing thang

Hello Fellow Ridecampers,
Ok, I'll make you guys giggle and chime in on the rearing problem.  I've had 2 such horses.  The first one, I rescued from a slaughterhouse in New Mexico when I was 15 and quickly found out why she was there.  Amazing talent in the rearing forum. I got to where I knew exactly when she would 'blow', and jumped off everytime.  Finally, was drinking a coke from a BOTTLE, (imagine that, how long ago that was!) while conversing with the husband on the ground.  Could feel her gathering herself for the temper tantrum, lost my own temper, and whacked her awful darn hard on the poll with that coke bottle.  The coke dripped all over her, nope, she didn't even get cut, (really hard head), and she thought she was bleeding to death.  Just stood there shaking, and here's the best part, she never reared again.  Smart girl.
Ah, but then the Arab from hell.  Bought him knowing he was really better at walking on two hind feet then 4, and owned a bunch of laying hens, (chickens for you non farm folks). Got the brilliant idea that if that bottle thing had worked in the past, why couldn't eggs in this modern age?  Well, went thru about 5  dozen, and lo and behold, no more rearing.  When he'd go up, a nasty egg would break on his head.  Probably the disgusting goo is what ended that, and surely you can imagine how wonderful I smelled and looked, but hey, it worked!  Owned the horse for the next 8 years of his life, and never did he rear again.
So there's a reasonably cheap alternative, maybe it'd work for you.  You never know!  
Oh, and by the way, that VERY BAD COLT I wrote you folks about a while back?  Your collective advice was to chill out and not turn everything into a big battle.  He's improved 100% and who knows, he MAY just be able to keep those er, juevos, er testicles that everyone wanted to cut off.  After all, we're hoping to keep him a stallion, with, of course, immpecable manners.  We'll talk about that breeding thing in another 5 years or so......!!!!
Thanks for all your help with him....
Barbara Marcius

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