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Loading up

I think if more people trained the young horse, (2 months old is not to young) we would have fewer horses refusing to get into the trailer. Anyway, Odd Todd always balked at loading up. I was taking him for lessons once a week and it got worse and worse. The "trainer" wanted to use a pulley, whip cattle prod, whatever she could get her hands on. One day he left me stranded for two hours because the little son of a gun would not get into the trailer. Then I wanted to use a cattle prod, right up his little Arabian butt. So, I stopped taking him anywhere. I would load up the other two horses and leave him at home. John said, while I would be off, Odd Todd would pace and scream for hours working up a sweat until we got back. I said "to bad". After about 2 months of leaving him home, I was loading the horses one Sunday morning and Odd Todd was loose. I have a 3 horse slant and after I loaded horse number two, I went to shut the pasture gate and Todd came running and screaming (Pleeese don't leave me!) down the driveway and jumped into the trailer. I swear. I shut the doors and took him with us and I have never, ever had a problem getting him into the trailer. John was watching and asked me what that was all about. I don't know, who cares, it worked. That is one of the many reasons we call him Odd Todd. Lisa Salas, The Odd FARm

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