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I've had Lymes twice myself and my horse got it last year. I've done a good deal of
research on it. The first time I got it, I had a lot of trouble getting the dr to treat as
I did not test positive. I have several informative websites if anyone is interested I'll
send them. However, in summary, here's what I found.

Lymes is the great pretender. It mimics lots of other things. The spirochete hides in the
body in a similar way tot he HIV virus making it very hard for the body to fight. The body
can or may be able to fight it as with anything else like a virus or bacterial infection,
If it finds it. There is a 50% failure rate of the testing process. That means in 50% of
the cases with Lymes it will not test positive. The Lymes vaccine works by exposing the
spirochete, taking it out of hiding, so that the body can fight it off by itself. This
will work in about 70% of individuals treated with the vaccine. In the remaining 30% of
cases, the vaccine will be unable to expose Lymes and it may go on unchecked for some
time. It would be as if the vaccine had not been given at all.

My symptoms were extreme fatigue and joint pain. I could barely stay awake or move. One
the second infection it took 10 days but the symptoms were again unmistakable.

In my horse, he went from 100 mile fit to be unwilling to pick up a trot and dragging
along. No lameness nor joint swelling or bullseye rash in him or me. Due to my experience,
we treated first, looked for test results later. He tested "high inconclusive". He was on
antibiotics for 6 weeks and he is now 100% back after restarting conditioning. He did
nothing while being treated.

If you suspect Lymes, treat with IV antibiotics right away for 3 days. If there is ANY
improvement at the end of the three days, this is your best diagnosis. Continue to treat
with Doxicycline for 4 - 6 weeks. In heavily infested Lyme's areas most Lyme Friendly
doctors will treat first and ask questions later. You have no time to lose as damage is
occurring. On my first exposure, Lymes sent my knees over the edge into needing surgery
while the dr told me I didn't/couldn't have Lymes. Thanks to my friend an Air Force nurse,
I went to another state to get treated by a Lymes friendly dr and in 3 days the different
was very noticeable. Not dramatic, but noticeable.

Dolores Arste
eCommerce Technology, Technology Integration
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