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Re: helmets

Dear Jennifer,

I *love* my Troxel  Dakota.  I even bought a spare.

The best advice is to go try every available helmet on.  Drive out of your
way if necessary to find a store with a large selection.  This is *not* an
initial purchase you want to make via a catalog or the Net.

Don't limit yourself to ones 'suggested' for trail riders.  You're gonna
have it on your head for an extended period, it bloody well better not
bother you.  Look at the 'English riding' ones too.  If one fits like a
glove and is black, and that worries you for sun absorption, you can get a
cloth cover.

Wander around the store with one on.  Be sure to nod your head (yes, my
helmet fits) and then shake your head (no, I don't need a larger helmet)
repeatedly.  Ignore all funny looks.  :)

The only thing it really must have is SEI and ASTM certification.

And if you are in even a minor fall with it, replace it.  Very cheap

Troxel will replace theirs for a minimal fee if you send in your
registration card and a copy of the purchase receipt right after you
purchase your helmet. 

    Check it Out!    

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