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Re: RC: Myler Bits

>Hi All -
>Just looking for some lighter conversation. Who amongst us all uses 
>these bits, for how long, and have any improvements/changes been 
>noticed? What do you like/dislike about them? Or bits in general? 
>Has anyone attended a Myler clinic? Which types do you use? I'll 
>start -
>I figured maybe we could lighten up the list a little, while all the 
>facts about the recent unfortunate happenings are being assembled 
>and sorted out.
>Ok - Your turn!
>Cheryl in WNY
>Horse kids Kit, Bobby & Dani

I use the Myler double-ring S hackamore, after going through an 
iteration of vosal (mare is not a Western horse), Sliester aluminum 
hackamore with long shanks (heavy & hard to graze with) , to Arabian 
S hack (didn't like where the curb strap hit when adjusted right on 
the nose; felt imprecise), with a Jeremiah Watt sweet iron D-ring 
snaffle for ring work.  I've had it maybe a year.

I only use the curb rein at the present time.  I spent a long time in 
the TWH world and am very comfortable with curb bits in general, and 
my mare sure likes this Myler.  Very well made, the price was scary 
but I did get it on sale--waited to buy it till it was on sale.  It 
is a leather-covered bicycle chain that is fairly mild.  The finish 
is so shiny that it is exceptionally easy to clean the metal parts.

The thing I like the most about it vs. other hacks is when you "ask" 
with the reins, they feel the pressure at the edge of the noseband 
before the curb engages.  Kind of an early warning, "ask", "request", 
before getting to "require".  It stands up to hosing with the rest of 
the biothane hackamore bridle.  I use a Pat Fredrickson thin rope 
halter underneath it, and Zilco reins (Austr. Connection) which I 
really love.  Have to carry a thin lead from Pat for tying though.


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