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Re: RC: Fwd: RC: Re: Australian System

In FL I would say most riders have done both CTR and endurance. At a CTR
in the sunshine state, it's not unusual to find world class FEI endurance
riders with new young horses. Most of us down here that primarily do
endurance will do a CTR from time to time and most of the riders that
primarily do CTR will do an endurance ride from time to time.

It depends on the individual horse of course, but as a rule I would also
question the wisdon of using a horse for endurance that interferes to the
point that you could not do a 25 mile CTR without the aid of boots. I
think NATRAC has changed the "no pads" rule which is a positive step.


Jennifer Layman wrote:

> Yeah, but how many endurance riders actually start out in CTR??  I
> didn't!!!  I had a mare that needed splint boots, etc. and so
> couldn't take her in NATRAC.  At the time that was the only CTR org.
> I knew of.  I know several other people that have done years of
> endurance and never done a CTR.  There are no guarantees that an
> endurance rookie with start with a good slow base.
> Jennifer

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