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Fwd: RC: Re: Australian System

Yeah, but how many endurance riders actually start out in CTR??  I
didn't!!!  I had a mare that needed splint boots, etc. and so
couldn't take her in NATRAC.  At the time that was the only CTR org.
I knew of.  I know several other people that have done years of
endurance and never done a CTR.  There are no guarantees that an
endurance rookie with start with a good slow base.


--- Jim Ferris <> wrote:
> Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 19:36:19 -0700
> From: Jim Ferris <>
> To:
> Subject: RC:  Re: Australian System
> There is a reason why the US doesn't need to qualify new endurance 
> riders. There are over 50 Competitive Trail Ride Organizations in
> the 
> US! Most other countries in the world only have endurance
> organizations 
> and generally only one of them. Long distance trail riding is not
> new to 
> most of the US riders and horses. Any experience in CTR will allow
> a 
> rider to take care of his/her horse in endurance. In addition to
> the CTR 
> organizations, there are also Ride & Tie and Mounted Orienteering 
> organizations. I believe that there is only one of each of these.
> -Jim Ferris
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