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Re: RC: RE: Australian System

One issue not address heretofore in this discussion is cost. To implement such
rules requires a) record keeping - quite a bit it and b) someone to monitor the
progress of horse and rider to determine when the requirements are satisified.
That has cost pact potentially on the computer system and personnel.  This record
keeping and reporting could mean modifications to the computer system, which does
not come without cost.  The office I am sure is quite busy now and addition
requirements might mean extra staff and extra cost which would have to be paid
either by dues increases of external funding.

As someone pointed out endurance is not the only distance sport in the US. I do
not know if Australia has CTR, but I do know in the US many riders cross over
between the two and many riders get their start in CTR. CTR has quite a bit more
structure than endurance, e.g., a time window for completition, controlled
starts, etc., and is a good place to start for those who want to get experience
in distance riding, pacing, have the horse check by a vet, etc. CTR's are
normally smaller than endurance rides and are a bit more laid back because of

The AERC rules have evolved over a long period of time and are fundamentally
sound. The system which endurance is run under in the US has evolved over a long
period of time and is fundamentally sound. At least at SE rides spearate meeting
are provided to new riders to provode necessary information to these riders and
answer any questions. These meeting are normally provided by a SERA rep at the
rides they will be more than happy to answer till the cows come home.

So I don't see how the system is broke and needs fix'in. I would suspect that if
you looked at the number of horse miles in endurance and compare to other
equestrian sports you would find that endurance riding in the US promotes better
care of the horse than any of these other sports.


Roger Rittenhouse wrote:

> Hello Bob,  and AERC Members.
> As a DAL BOD, I would NOT ever consider any modification to the
> current AERC Rules, Vet Policies and Ride procedures, to  make them
> comply with or similar to the Australian rules.
> The problem results in too much control from outside forces, ie
> government- politics etc. Chip coding is next, I will NEVER support that one.
> As Bob said - all we have to do is enforce what have in place.
> We may have to make a few minor alterations to a few issues, but our
> rules are quite sound.
> Roger Rittenhouse 8263  AERC DAL

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