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Joint Supplements

My 13 year old Arab made our first LD but didn't pass the trot out.  One
vet I took him to three days after the race said it was stifles and gave
him accupuncture and hyaluronic acid shots in the stifles.  I wasn't too
convinced with this diagnosis so a week later I took him another vet who
came highly recommened by all the professional rodeo people in my area.
He spent five and half hours with my horse last Tuesday. Numerous
X-rays, nerve blocking shots, testing each leg over and over. He didn't
think it was stifles but felt that when my horse fatigued in the LD race
he dropped lower in the fetlocks straining the suspensory ligaments.
Tomorrow we go back for sonagrams on the legs.

I don't know if he's going to make an endurance horse after all.  I have
made arrangements for dressage lessons for the both of us when he is
back being able to be ridden. He is heavy in the forehand and I feel
that dressage will help there but also help me as much if not more.

I think at his age joint supplements would be in order.  My question is
this: which is the way to go, chondroitan/glucosamine or MSM?  There are
so MANY on the market which ones do I try?  I know the
chondroitan/glucosamine take about a month to show a difference but how
long does the MSM take? Which ones work best plus are most economically
feasable.  Can you even mention saving money and joint supplements in
the same sentence?!

Also, I've got a twisted and torqued pelvis due to being broadsided by a
drunk driver going over 65mph five years ago. I finally have found a
good chiropractor and am going weekly to work on this. But when I get up
in the morning it is painful to move around. Actually, with the injuries
from the wreck I pretty much live in pain but have learned to endure
it.  A friend just gave me a bottle of MSM to try.  Has anyone tried
this for theirself?

I do have another horse coming in soon.  He is a five year old that will
also be for dressage and CTR.  I'm in the market for one more horse. An
endurance horse.  Eddie, can't wait to come see your two mares! :-D


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