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Not to misunderstand here, because at times when my FEELINGS get in the way
of what I think and know, instead of attacking Karyne, I suggest we
individually and corporately make certain she has the FACTS, the S, CONSENSUS
of opinion, and finally, support for doing the right thing, even if she needs
to do it in a a more methodical way than you or I would - since I would have
cut this gal off at the knees when she side-swiped my daughter. While I don't
approve letting this go by, I don't stop caring about my friend - and clearly
she doesn't stop caring about HER friend - she just needs to get her righted
on the course - or give her the boot from the sport, all things in order and
appropriately done. I don't know if she has ever spoken to the perp before
now or not - I KNOW she has by now. Better to FIX than to TRASH, so let's
keep the "high road" being a place where perhaps - just perhaps - someone who
is inanely  out of sync with both expectations and frankly commonly courteous
and sensible behavior, can come around - if not by leading, then by sending.

    Check it Out!    

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