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You just can't legislate everything . . . !

> << My libertarian tendencies are showing,> Yours too, huh?  <g>  And
this is so true.  People have a 
> fundamental right to be stupid, 

I pretty much agree.  I sort of had a look at Mathew's plan before it hit
EN and my thoughts were that I didn't mind if they had an *award* system
based on levels attained, but I didn't care for the idea just to

Here's my idea.  You get to start out with no prior testing, but...the
experience riders will have the option of taking your number and
reporting that you are officially an "idiot".  If 2 riders report that
you are an idiot you have to follow a predescribed novice qualifying
course (sort of like Australia).  If 3-5 people report that you are an
idiot you have to pass a written exam before you can begin the qualifying
course.  If 5-10 report you are an idiot you have to pass an IQ test, or
produce your GED, then you have to volunteer to work 3 rides, then you
can take your written test.  If more than 10 people take the time to
report that you are an idiot, we will hold a meeting of all participants
in the ride, auction off your horse and use the money to send you to bull
riding school.  Goodbye endurance, hello rodeo. ;-)

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