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You just can't legislate everything . . . !

<<I was glad to see Angie reply to this post, and to read the earlier post
Jennifer Layman.   These discussions are not as "juicy" as rehashing some one
elses' poor riding, bad manners, deceptions, or general bufoonery; but we've
just got to get this dialog going.>>

Pat and Angie, you both make so much sense!

My libertarian tendencies are showing, but there are so many things that just
can't be legislated or programmed or policied.

My husband are relatively newbies to endurance (3 or 4 seasons) but we're
growing to love the camaraderie, the sense of independence and horsemanship
which is so largely based on the welfare of the horse!  I tell all of the
horsepeople I know, no matter what discipline they participate in, that the
endurance people are the best!  (Some of them dress a little funny, a few see
mirages of naked women on trail, and goodness knows that a few have their own
ways about things . . . )

Let's keep our endurance rules as simple as possible and make the individual
effort to be ambassadors to the newbies and self-police those who put our
sport in jeopardy!


    Check it Out!    

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