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Re: EZ boots making them fit

Hi Barb
I am CCing to ridecamp I hope you don't mind. It might answer someones questions.
The only picture I could really see fit was the front view.With all the extra rubber it is hard to see from the other views.A 5 inch foot is in the top half of the fit chart put out by EZ care.
I have found that adjusting the back strap and the cable positions is the answer to getting a good fit. They must strap on tight to stay. I don't like the cleats although I think they might help a boot stay on by grabbing the foot. they also( IMHO) would cause abrasion on the foot. EZ boots let the foot contract and expand to some extent.
About stuff working its way in. I have not had a problem . I run in sand all the time, dirt and some rock. So far no problem. It would have to be a very small rock to get in. they do get fine dirt packed into them but never seems to make a difference. I do not leave my boots on any longer then I need them to ride but some people leave them on for 2 days. You should NOT leave them on longer as the hoof needs to breath.
I noticed with my horses now wearing EZ boots that when we hit gravel they don't even break stride. With shoes they used to slow and prepare for it to hurt or at least think it might hurt. Now they hit the gravel as if it isn't there. I think it is like wearing pads for them. This is the first year I decided not to shoe at all. Mostly the cost at first . Then I started reading about natural hoof trimming and barefoot horses. My friend Susan Jaeger is a really good farrier and she is specializing in natural trimming She also purchased EZ boots for both her horses.
The NEW style Ez boota have a rooled toe. I grind down my old style boots to roll over at the toe. 
I have been holding EZ boot demos and fittings for groups in my area that ask. I find the more I educate people about the boots and biothane tack the more people choosing to use the products.
I have sold more EZ boots in the last 4 months then all of last year. Education is the answer.
Hope this answers some questions.
I also cut the boots and straps down before shipping if my client requests it. Replacement Cable kits and back straps are available for EZ boots that are in need of repair. Repair service available.
Paddi Sprecher
Canadian Trail House
manufacturer and retailer of fine biothane tack
Devon  Alberta
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From: Barbara McCrary
To: Seamstob
Sent: Sunday, June 24, 2001 7:36 PM
Subject: Re: EZ boots making them fit

I'm interested in your answer to Jill.  I told her I thought the boots were too large, but you say they look like they fit.  I'm willing to learn something new!  If a person does not foam the boots on, what about the gap at the back of the heel?  Won't rocks, gravel, or sand get in and cause a lot of rubbing?  Please educate me.
Barbara McCrary
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From: Seamstob
Cc: ridecamp
Sent: Sunday, June 24, 2001 6:35 PM
Subject: RC: EZ boots making them fit

I am a dealer for EZ care and the Canadian distributer. I am going to try and help you with the boots.
From your photos they look like they fit. Cut the back down to 1/4" above the base at the heel. Do not pay attention to the lines on the boot. Check that the front does not rub the hair line if needed cut down.
Remove the heel strap. Needle nose plyers stuck in the nut part work great to hold it from spinning. Hammer down the metal cleats until they are flat. Fit the boot without the heel strap on to check for size. Cut the heel strap down about 1/2 way.Leave the holes though. Replace onto the boot. You will note there is 2 sets of holes on the strap. This allows you to adjust tightness and fit. You want to make sure the heel strap does not rub the heel bulbs. Place 2 or 3 layers of duck tape over the metal piece and the nuts to prevent rubbing. Use a piece of webbing to pull the heel strap up into place.  In the front of the boot you will notice that the cable can be placed through the metal fitting in different positions. Both cables through the center notch or for a tighter fit cross them to the outside of the metal bracket. Choose from the 3 positons on the swing lock to clamp the shoe tight.I push it down with my foot because it is tight.  I ride 4 horses in EZ boots and they are all fitted a little different. I use ribbons colored and mark which foot they fit. Helps me find them if they go flying. So far I have been lucky I have only had a boot come off once . She stepped on it while grazing. I have not had them come off when riding even in the mud. To remove the boot slide a flat head screwdriver into the boot at the sides and pop off.
NEVER use silicone to seal the boots on as it will damage the hoof. Use Easyfoam if you want to foam them on for a really tight fit.
Some people wrap the foot in vet wrap. So far I have not done that but it may help.
My horses are very good about putting the boots on. Takes about 15 minutes or less to do 4 feet now
Hope this helps if you need ask questions please call me
780 987-4816 or email me.
Paddi Sprecher
Canadian Trail House
manufacturer and retailer of fine biothane tack
Devon  Alberta

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