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Ride Manager/AERC now responsible for injury or death?

Dorann LaPerch

Having parused all the Malibu incident posts and having posted
my own experience with the accused at the ride (Her Junior rider KICKED my
mare as she went by-on purpose). I now have new issues that need to be

Lynn Glazer had posted that apparently this same adult rider, again with
juniors in tow had been a problem at Malibu the year
before and management apparently was notified and had seemed unconcerned.
(I hope I paraphrased that correctly Lynn)

Reflecting upon this, and putting aside my anger and frustration at this
woman, I realized more importantly that this ADULT is leading and teaching
Juniors-future riders. SHE is setting an example to them.  Knowing her
riding tactics, if one of her juniors were to be injured or killed at a
ride, how does AERC explain known dangerous behavior that has been
discussed and posted on this board? Now have AERC and Ride Management
explain to parents of the junior rider how they condoned and allowed this
sponsor to continue? What about the media frenzy that would follw? Do you
think the parents of these riders KNOW what has gone on? How about
explaining to the parents how their Junior injured someone else and now
THEY are being held responsible that this womans actions actually caused.
Is it Ride Managements and AERC's responsiblity to inform the parents once
they know of this kind of behavior?

If her behavior continues on this same path, it is truly only a matter of
time before they injure some horse,rider, the junior or an innocent victim
like the woman on the mountain bike.. Legally don't they (RMs) now have a
DUTY to protect the other entrants of their ride by not allowing her to
enter? Does anyone know how this will or can be handled? If I were a So
Cal ride manager I would truly think twice before I would take on the
extra liablity of letting this woman and her juniors participate in my

I am shocked that no one has slipped the offenders name onto RIDECAMP, I
wish the offender was as courteous and concerned on the ride as we have
been on this board.

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