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Re: RC: RE: Sponsors for first time riders


Are the coordinate in the WGS 72 or WGS 84 datum and how many do we expect to
find at each site?

I hear Angie has a few hidden away in the caves on Pegion Mountain. The great
thing about the FL swamp, gators pretty much consume everything.


Bob Morris wrote:

> Angie:
> You stated <<<If you can find one to train with, that's
> good...but you'd better ask around and make sure they're the type
> competitor you want to ride like.  There are some big names out there who
> mentor people, and their idea of an initiation is to scare the crap out
> of you.>>>>
> Just wanted you to understand that even though I have started many potential
> endurance riders here in the Boise Foothills, I have never, REPEAT, never
> lost one of them. I can give you the co-ordinates exactly where each one of
> those not returning remain! They can be dug up if necessary.
> Bob

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