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Re: PBA with Saddlebred bloodlines - strange gait?

I also have SB/Arab. They are great! Annie
Anne George Saddlery
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Sent: Saturday, June 23, 2001 3:03 PM
Subject: RC: PBA with Saddlebred bloodlines - strange gait?

Judith Stirling
Hi folks,

I have a seven year old gelding, hes 64.06% Arab, 12 1/2% Saddlebred & a
little bit of TB thrown in for good measure!  He has Saddlebred on both
parents sides going back to Goldmount Majesty (Stonewall
Sensation/Bourbons Lady Easter).  He is about 16hh & is very upheaded.  He
was due to start his endurance career (CTRs) this year - but due to Foot &
Mouth here in Wales, UK - we have been unable to ride out since the
beginning of March, so no competing in the UK!

What I am interested in is that he has a strange gait (not always) that
comes between walk & trot - he "runs" with a four beat footfall - quite
strange & at the moment does not keep it up for many strides.  I have been
told that even the small ammount of Saddlebred blood in him could account
for it?!

How can I encourage this gait as he seems to cover the ground well when
doing it & seems happy with it.  Any help/ideas please!

I have competed CTRs on a Standardbred Trotter (would also free pace) &
like the alterative gaits!

I also have two Arab mares that will pace at times - causes some strange
looks here!


Judith & her "strange" horses:-))))))))

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