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RE: re: systems failure

No matter the details of this incident! No one has been presented with them
and so all chatter on line is speculative.

My big question is, why does every one want to make excuses? But at the same
time find a person to blame?

First and foremost I reiterate; "but the competitor is ultimately
responsible" It is not the Vet's Responsibility to care for the horse, it is
not the "Coach's" responsibility and it is not the responsibility of the

We have plenty of rules in place to safely conduct endurance rides and have
the accumulated data to prove this. The AERC, and all the rules, cannot
protect the foolish horse and Rider from calamity.

Let's drop this discussion until the facts are known, the associated persons
take action (if they have the guts to do so) and the final determination is
made public.

BUT, realizing that this is not going to occur in reasonable time, consider
that on your next ride you try to see that all AERC Rules and Regulations
are complied with and if not you speak up loudly.

Bob Morris

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