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Re: mentors

Wow! I hope theres somebody like that at my first race.... I'll be the one
wandering around the check with a confused look on my face hehe.
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> At the Fire Mtn ride last winter there was a designated "mom" for the 25
> milers.  She posted herself at the "in gate" water trough with a big
> smile.  What a sight! She  asked every one of those riders how they were
> doing, checked every horse & rider over kind of causally, but with a
> sharp eye,  and asked if they knew how to take a P&R and gave advice
> about whether to put water on and where and dozens of other things like
> loosing cinches, etc.  Then, if they didn't feel confident, she had
> walked horse & rider to the vet &  explained the process & waited until
> they were ready to go back to their trailer or whatever.  I heard her
> tell someone," if he doesn't eat, come get me."   Then she waited in the
> same spot until they ALL finished.  I thought this was a terrific idea
> and more rides should adopt this.  I think she was able to identify the
> first time riders from a meeting she held the nite before for LDers.
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