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Re: More Rice?

Normally, rice bran won't increase incidence of tying up, as it's pretty low in the soluble carbos that sometimes have a hand in that.  However, if you're feeding enough to bind up the available calcium in the ration, then the resultant calcium depletion might have a hand in tying up.  My suggestion would be to make sure your calcium-phosphorus ratio isn't inverted, and stop feeding the rice bran maybe two days before a ride, and don't start again until after the ride.
Good luck,
Susan G
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From: Annie George
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Sent: Thursday, June 21, 2001 10:58 AM
Subject: RC: More Rice?

I have used rice bran, it did help allot with weight and strength, but now the new horse is naturally wrapped a little tight,  and I am concerned about tieing up. What is the General opinion of rice bran increasing tie up % ? Thanks,  AnnieG.
Anne George Saddlery

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