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Re: RC: Trail incident/LD

) basic trail etiquette.  While not only impolite,
>this can be dangerous as well.  Things like a rider flying down the trail
>laughingly saying she can't control her horse; riders stopping right in the
>middle of a trail; passing without warning; riding my horse's butt- you get
>the picture.
>Central CA
>I've been reading all of the comments on this issue and I don't think I 
>could have said it better than this person.  Not only were these riders 
>rude and caught up in being competitive (this is a piss poor excuse), but 
>anyone who intentionally or maliciously makes aggressive physical contact 
>with someone or their horse (kicking a horse out of the way, bumping a 
>mountain biker) is assault.  What happened on this ride was inexcusable and 
>the sponsor nor the junior rider who were offensive should have been given 
>any award and should have been penalized in some way.
Now I know that what I have said may sound harsh, but the reality is that 
both people who were assaulted could have been seriously injured, they were 
very lucky.
I'm not saying that accidents don't happen.  A nervous horse new to LD rides 
my become panicked and run into another horse looking for security or from 
spooking, but is obvious that this wasn't the case in this situation.
Some day this person is going to kick the wrong horse or push the wrong 
mountain biker and they are going to be sorry.
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