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Re: RC: Just what is LD competition?

In a message dated 6/20/01 8:51:52 PM Mountain Daylight Time, writes:

can of worms got even wormier when AERC started
recognizing LD miles and offering year-end awards based on them.  Humongous
mistake (IMO)

I agree, Sylvia!
It is about money, no doubt, not about miles.
We always hear that without LD miles, alot of rides would just "go away".
That being a "given", I don't think there is anything WRONG with Ride
Managers, under the purview of AERC Sanctioning, MANDATING how LD rides will
be conducted.  (We should not even CALL it Limited Distance, we should come
up with a different name....ANY SUGGESTIONS?,i.e., Shortest Allowable Sort of
Endurance is NOT an "endurance ride" and it CERTAINLY is not an
"endurance race".
   It surely is a fiscal evolution.  
   If LD riders NEED the recognition and ego-stroking, then WE as an
organization have not done our job well.
   We should start again and fix it.
   Yes, I know all the LD'er arguments...we have been through them many
times already.
   But, if we care, we should dare to do something.


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