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LD Top 10

Referring back to the August 2000 issuse of "Endurance News",  Barbara
MacCrary says exactly what I was trying to say, only much better!  Page 18
for those of you who save and reread your endurance related magazines.

L9.3 of the rules and regulations book, p. 19, specfically says "Under the
AERC system, all of the first ten finishing horses are eligible for
L9.22 states that "Rides have the option of giving other Best Condition
horse at any one ride."

Rule 9.3  does not say ONLY the first ten finishining horses are eligible
for consideration, although I know that is what is meant by the rule.

So, my horse didn't receive best condition according to L9.3, but did
according to Rule L2.22.  It won't be recognized by the AERC.

Kathy and Dyecrest Tazan

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