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Re: RC: LD Top 10


We are on exactly the same wavelength here, I just put it poorly on
ridecamp.  I think we both got a little sidetracked by the racing
discussion!  I agree & support your efforts to look at the whole picture.
That is the only way I will ever get BC, because I am too chicken to race my
horse!  I've been trained to ride by Marci Cunningham, who I admire very
much.  She thinks you should have the same horse for many years, and I
agree.  There are some spectacular horses that can race and not break down,
but my horse is not one of those.  If I want to keep riding him, I have to
take good care of him.

Kathy & Taz
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From: Lynne Glazer <>
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Sent: Wednesday, June 20, 2001 1:05 PM
Subject: Re: RC: LD Top 10

> >Referring back to the August 2000 issuse of "Endurance News",  Barbara
> >MacCrary says exactly what I was trying to say, only much better!  Page
> >for those of you who save and reread your endurance related magazines.
> >
> >L9.3 of the rules and regulations book, p. 19, specfically says "Under
> >AERC system, all of the first ten finishing horses are eligible for
> >consideration..."
> >L9.22 states that "Rides have the option of giving other Best Condition
> >horse at any one ride."
> >
> >Rule 9.3  does not say ONLY the first ten finishining horses are eligible
> >for consideration, although I know that is what is meant by the rule.
> >
> >So, my horse didn't receive best condition according to L9.3, but did
> >according to Rule L2.22.  It won't be recognized by the AERC.
> >
> >Kathy and Dyecrest Tazan
> Exactly.  I should have pulled out my rulebook and been specific.
> I stood up at last year's General Membership Meeting and protested
> this policy.  I prefer ride managers have the discretion to consider
> the entire field and NOT reward racers only.
> L.

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