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Re: ortho-flex loin rubbing

  Hi , I am in Enumclaw, howdy neighbor.
May I ask a personal question?  I am going to sell my Express Lite because
the seat is just too wide for me.  It is in great cond. 15 inch seat, system
III with merino wool backing, how much did you end up paying for yours on
ebay, i am curious to see how much mine may go for or at least what to put
my min bid.  However I won't sell mine until I get my new one in.
thanks, of course you need not answer how much you paid.  I am responding to
guest, so please check that you have my personal email if you don't want all
to know.........  sincerely..........LISA
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Subject: RC: ortho-flex loin rubbing

> jenni
> Hello fellow riders.  I am writing with a question re: loin rubbing
> problem with my ortho-flex.  It is an express lite model and I got it used
> on ebay for a great price.  Problem is it rubs the hair off my horse's
> loins.  As far as I can tell he is not sore, but I have to think that loin
> rubbing is NOT a good thing.  I searched the ortho-flex site and emailed
> them.  Not response to my emails, but on the site they suggested a thin
> felt pad to reduce friction.  I bought a thin felt, western style pad.  It
> doesn't stay put under the saddle (slides back) and although thin by pad
> standards, seems bulky under the bootie.  Someone I know suggested getting
> in touch with a dealer to check saddle fit and make adjustments.  My
> questions are: 1.) Is there a pad that works well under the bootie system
> to reduce friction from the flexing action. 2) Anyone know an ortho-flex
> dealer in Western Washington state area?  3.) Anyone else have this
> problem?  How did you resolve it?  4.) Does ortho-flex ever answer their
> emails?  5.) Do ortho-flex saddles really need to be fitted?  I believed
> that they were a fits all horses deal.  6.) Am I wrong to assume that the
> flexing is causing the rubbing?  What else causes loin rubbing.
> This problem happened even when we were doing all walk rides (ie:no
> trotting/cantering.)
> Thanks for any and all responses! :o)
> Jenni, in Washington, on beautiful Vashon Island
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