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BET - resolution -TI/Bill/Cliff Part I

from Thorndike /Barnhart   ARBITRATOR=  1. person chosen to decide a dispute. 
2.  Person with full power to judge and decide. --Syn. 1. judge, umpire.

Remember, Tom and Cliff accepted me as the arbitrator.  

Remember that when Cliff took the bet he clarified the terms, that the proof
would consist of 6 witnesses from at least two different rides. Cliff
originally set June 5 as the deadline.  It was then extended to last Friday,
when Tom finally wired his money accepting the terms.  The witnesses were to
come forward over the weekend.  At the end of the weekend, I had not been
contacted other than a 7 AM Friday call from Bill asking me to not become
involved. After the weekend, Tom said that if the witnesses did not come
forward by Monday at midnight, he would concede the bet.  Tuesday morning Bill
asked for one more day.  All of this time, I made sure my phone was working,
had someone available to answer (mostly myself), and do have a working
answering machine.  Still no witnesses came forward.  Bill did not return my
call Friday asking for the name of the Limited Distance Champion who started
the other club.

By the strictest terms of the bet, Cliff wins, Tom loses.  The money is being
forwarded to Cliff.


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