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Re: blood work reference norms

Hi Erica, I just posted to RC about Chance.  We had all that done. The sheet I got had "Reference Range" which I take to mean normal.  I guess that's what you are after?   HCT  32.0-52 ** HGB   11.0-19. ** MCHC  30. - 36.9 **  WBC 6.0- 12.5  **GRANS 2.8-8.0  L/M   2.1-7.0 ** PLT 90-350  ..... I also have a long list of all the things like Calcium, Potassium etc. Ill be happy to send. I hope this helps you. Read my post about testing the fecal for worms. I was absolutely dumbfounded.  Annie.
Anne George Saddlery
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Sent: Tuesday, June 19, 2001 10:56 PM
Subject: RC: blood work reference norms

Erica DeVoti
Does anyone know where I may find normal ranges on blood work lab
findings?  I have found descriptive info on Susan G.'s site regarding what
is tested and what it means if the results are high or low, but I am at a
loss at finding numbers in the "normal" range to compare my horses results
to.  Please email me if you can point me in the right direction.  Thanks.

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