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> The other question I have is can more than one person join in to file the
> protest?  It would make the hundred dollars easier if three or more got
> together.  If filing a protest is possible, I think it's the way to go.
> if you don't win, it sure will bring it to the offender's attention.
> worth the money if you feel that strongly about it.

I wasn't there, so don't think I'm the person to actually file a protest.
But, if someone else who was there wants to write down what happened and
submit it to the Protest Committee, I will front the $100 fee.  Bob Morris
can tell me where to send it.  It would be worth it just to see a discussion
of it published in EN so people can see this is not acceptable behavior.

IMO, I think it's imperative for the future of AERC and maintaining use of
public trails that this kind of behavior NOT be tolerated.

Susan G

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