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>We need to encourage riders to report this kind of stuff to 
>management right away, so the problem can be investigated and 
>rectified as soon as possible.  The hindsight stuff doesn't do us 
>much good when we have land owners, trail users and parks departments 
>to mollify.

What about some kind of warning system?  (Just thinking out loud here.)  

First complaint against someone gets them a stern warning and a bit of
education (and a black mark in their column) this instance to the
senior rider and all of the junior riders in tow.  Second time they do
something, the complaint against them gets them DQ'd from the ride.  Third
time gets them dropped from AERC for a definitive period of time...say, two
months or more during the riding season.  A fine could be instituted that
would have to be paid before they would be allowed to compete again.
Subsequent complaints would get them banned from the organization and
sanctioned rides.  The main AERC office would keep a master list of riders
with warnings that RMs could obtain and have updates as incidences occur.  

Some people are pretty slow on the uptake and don't start paying attention
until you threaten their points (or their pocketbook. <g>)  If the gung-ho
racers knew they could have complaints filed against them for actions that
could endanger another horse, rider, hiker, biker, etc. (and knew that RMs
have a list of those with complaints against them), maybe they would think
twice before they do something foolish.  This disciplinary action would
follow them no matter what distance they rode or what area they rode in.

It's pretty bad to have to legislate manners, common sense, and safety, but
other riding disciplines have similar structures -- so apparently there are
quite a few morons in all areas.  The shows involving other disciplines are
probably not in danger of being cancelled because of someone's behavior
(only the perpetrator gets punished)...but some endurance rides are and
more will join the list if there isn't some way to control or discipline
fractious or dangerous riders.


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